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GMA Pinoy TV

GMA TV shows that are also named GMA 7 shows of GMA Pinoy TV are broadcasted on GMA Network that previously stood for Greater Manila Area, but later it began to be known as Global Media Arts. It is responsible to broadcast all the shows of the Philippines on the Pinoy tambayan channel.
In total it has 52 stations, out of which 3 are originating and 49 are relay. The owners of GMA Network are GMA Network Inc. In 1961, the channel first began to showcase TV shows to the people of the Philippines and since then, it has broadcasted a number of Pinoy TV shows.


These GMA Pinoy TV shows are classified according to the time in which they are aired.

For example, if they are aired in the Morning they are known as Primetime Shows. Some of the primetime shows of GMA Network are Kambal Karibal, The One That Got Away.

When they are aired in the afternoon, they are referred to as Daytime shows like Contessa and The StepDaughters.

Some of the latest shows of Pinoy TV aired on the weekend are Tadhana, Wish Ko Lang, Daig Kayo ng Lola Ko, and KMJS Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho.